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Re: What is AIKI ? - fantastic video

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
For a fact, most of the 'trick's' that he performs are basic Daitoryu Aiki stuff. Its very standard fare if you youtube Daitoryu a lot. Big difference here, uke doesn't fall into line because of anticipation of pain. They fall in line because it just happens. Don't ask me why..
Until today I read your posts with great interest. I can't belive you are seriously writing this opinion. It is simply not credible. There is nothing there to make them scream like a crazy.I think they lost their minds.

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
If I digress, I apologise. I just write as the thoughts come out. Anyway, Sensei Hakim teaches that we should make Spirit the center of our practice.
Aiki no Kokoro. The heart of Aiki.
Me I think he brainwashed them and created a kind of sect. There is another 'master' in France - G.Blaize who is doing even more horrible things. But he is a direct student of Hikitsushi sensei.


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