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Re: Being your own teacher

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Hi Greg:

No idea what I'm going to end up doing at this point. There's enough trappings in various "budo" models that I want to avoid to get to the "cut-through-the-shit-and-train" stuffs . . but given what I hope to continue working on - not sure how much to hold onto versus eliminate, so some questions to ask myself and others as I go along. I'll probably go play with the aikido, bjj, judo and mma folks up in this area to start with after the next kid is born, just to see what they're up to.

Dan is fun to train with and I hope to see him again at some point. Howard I have enjoyed chatting with offline and will hopefully meet up with him at some point in the near future. At this point, I am pretty happy working on what I've got to work on, rather than collecting much more "new stuff". Love the efficient model of Ellis's riff on aikido. Love working on internal strength training. Love meeting up and banging with people that have a good attitude. Just trying to keep it simple.

Students, belts, organizations, clubs, belonging to a tribe somewhere beyond just training . . meh . . . not so much.

I'll tell K you said hello - she had fun making you go "splat".
Not sure how far Rochester is from you, but there is an Aikido group there that also trains with Howard - a great group of people to train with.

Going 'splat' was fun - she was good at it, as well as some other folks

Good luck
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