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Re: Should I Fold My Sensei's Hakama?

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Aikido was not created in feudal Japan, but surely it originated as far back as that (i.e., it has its roots in the past, this being one of the reasons why it was not adapted like Judo and Kendo for competition)...?
Weeeeeell..this is one of those "what the meaning of 'is' is" questions; specifically, it depends what we mean when we say "originated". Did O-Sensei have a background in other martial arts before he developed aikido? Sure. Did some of those martial arts have a lineage that dated back to the feudal era, which ended in 1868? Sure. Does that mean that aikido originated in the feudal era? Mmmm...I'm not getting into that fight. In the context of why people do or don't fold sensei's hakama, and what it all means, I think it's a bit of a distraction, though. There's been 150 years of intervening history, and aikido isn't some weird little anachronistic bubble world, so I think the truth is a little closer to current times and places.
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