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Re: Should I Fold My Sensei's Hakama?

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
I was invited to a seminar by my old friend Pierre Chasange Sensei jus a few years ago, a young lady asked if she could fold my hakama, I readily accepted, I have never seen a hakama folded so beautifully.................... I never wanted to unfold it again
It was a young lady from Norwich, I don't know her name :-( but I will always remember her. I appreciated her respect for an old teacher. Now, wether you approve or not, matters little or nothing to me, but I really did appreciate the respect of this young lady.
If she reads this and recognises herself ??? please show me how to do it myself :-)

This was at Bradfield College maybe 6 years ago?

I think this may have been the last visit of Pierre to UK as he suffered some ill health since. A great shame for us.

If I recall correctly yourself and Mr Eastman took a session.

Anyway - I'm almost certain that it will have been Kath Riddell who folded your hakama - a sandan with NAF.

I assure you that she in turn will be delighted that you remember this and even more so that you mention it here.

Sadly I cannot show you how she folded the hakama, she has done mine on many occasions but I continue with the basic version that I've always used.


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