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Re: Should I Fold My Sensei's Hakama?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I'm not so sure that your use of the term "feudal" is accurate, given that aikido did not originate in a feudal period of Japanese history. Perhaps you were just using colorful language?

As for "hierarchical", contemporary Japanese society is more aware of hierarchy than contemporary American society -- but that's not the sole characteristic of the teacher-student relationship, and I think it's a mistake to try and explain all differences in terms of "hierarchical" thinking.
The answer to your question is in the post you are questioning; I said:

'the source of a lot of/all aikido etiquette [...] as you say: it's from a feudal/hierarchical time'

And the post i was replying to is the one which used the term feudal, hence my use of it.

Aikido was not created in feudal Japan, but surely it originated as far back as that (i.e., it has its roots in the past, this being one of the reasons why it was not adapted like Judo and Kendo for competition)...?

I also sought to stress the ambiguity of my knowledge, rather than lay claim to it being detailed knowledge.

I hope that clears up the misunderstanding.

All the best.
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