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Re: Being your own teacher

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
Well, I'm at the kind of place where I almost "have to" be my own teacher for a bit . . recently moved to a new environment . . have a young child and another on the way . . not looking to do someone else's version of aikido - pretty set in continuing to work within the aikido shape as Ellis Amdur developed at the Itten Dojo - while also pursuing my obsession with internal strength training - while also occasionally getting around to "scrap" *cough* I mean train with other folks (really, I smile and am friendly) . .

But given that life is going to keep me from regular formal classes for a while . . and that I am not looking to change what I'm working on (especially given the progress I feel like is being made) . . I'll probably end up seeing if anyone else wants to do what I do at some point and if a small study group forms, cool, but not worrying about it too much at this point. I'm pretty selfish in chasing what I want to work on.
Hi Budd,

Sorry to hear you left the area - what you intend to do is what we do here at E-town Aiki-Kurabu. We all have a focus on Aiki and essentially teach each other during our study group sessions. However, due to our associations with Howard Popkin and Dan Harden, we have two excellent sources of knowledge that leads our training and helps us grow.

Good Luck in your new location.


(ps: say hello to your wife for me - it was always fun training with her when I stopped in at Itten)
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