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Marc Abrams
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Re: Being your own teacher

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
Free advice may not be worth the price to both give and receive it. You get what you pay for, no more, no less.

I have been told that advice must be given in a miserly fashion, only when it is specifically requested, or if an emergency exists.

Wizard's Second Rule may apply. "The greatest Harm may come from the desire to do the greatest Good."

Counsel gently, listen compassionately, and encourage courageously, but refrain from usurping the person's right to choose.

Any decision made privately, may be changed without fan fare. A decision made publicly, may well invite the unwitting bondage of wounded pride, false ego and the fear of embarrassment. Being a friend, means allowing each other to be human, and to learn from acting as one. Acting in Aiki, may well form the basis for the best support possible.

In this way, we will truly become our own teacher

Beautifully spoken words of wisdom! One of my mentors in my graduate psychology training simplified things by explaining things in terms of the law of supply and demand with therapeutic interpretations. He said that the supply of valid interpretations far exceeded it's legitimate demand.

If a person is not ready to receive the information, they they simply will not. I think that the importance of a teacher is to be a guide so that a student will know how to explore what they need to learn.

Marc Abrams
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