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wow... well when i say i want to stop feeling useless, i really mean that i want to try and feel more confident with the basics and not feel that every move is still unnatural after 7 months.. i realise this could be a long process after your comments lol...
i'm by no means uncoordinated and have probably improved to an extent but its such a weird feeling thinking about breathing, leg work, moving offline, keeping centre, taking uke's centre, posture... blah blah... i get so frustrated sometimes that even walking through things can seem imposible....
Well, you'll either develop patience and stay with it, or you won't and you'll quit. That's pretty much the way it goes. Most people who try martial arts wash out within their first year, including some of the people who were most gushingly enthusiastic when they started -- in fact, I have a gut feeling that those early enthusiasts may wash out at a higher than average rate. Their expectations are high, and when the early glow wears off and they're facing the plain hard work, they get discouraged and quit.

"But I'm willing to work hard!" is the typical response of someone in this situation. That's fine, but are you willing to work hard even if you're not constantly getting rewarded with some new achievement, some new breakthrough, the certainty that you are getting it? Are you willing to live with not feeling "confident with the basics"? Because, really, seven months is no time at all to be feeling confident.

Training in martial arts isn't like training a dog, where the dog is constantly rewarded with snacks. In martial arts training, you go a long time between dog biscuits. They're tasty when they come, but they're just not going to rain down you with any frequency, and most people are simply not cut out for that.
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