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Gorgeous George
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Re: aikido Vs ju jitsu

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear G.G.
To state that Abbe Sensei must have been 'quite good at Judo' is almost like saying a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is 'just a runabout, like a Ford Fiesta'.
Hope you are well,
Cheers, Joe.
Hahahaha. I understand, and defer to your judgment - 'quite good', as it is. ;-)

I am well, thank you; i am beginning to progress (a very relative term) in recent times, and the Spring Course was an excellent 'jolt' to make me step up my aikido training as something more martial and intense (no matter what Don Draeger says aikido is).
Your advice was gratefully received, and hopefully not in vain!

I hope you are well too.
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