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Re: aikido Vs ju jitsu

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Dear GG,
While Kimura Sensei was an undoubted master of Judo he was beaten in a contest [the only time in his career ] by Kenshiro Abbe 8th Dan , founder of Kyu Shin Do .Abbe Sensei , having met him ,was in my opinion one of the greatest Martial artists ever.Abbe Sensei , was also a student of Aikido , and he was instrumental in bringing Aikido to the U.K.On a personal note , seeing Abbe Sensei and training with him in Aikido, inspired me to study Aikido.I was at that time studying Judo.As a judoka Abbe Sensei may well be the greatest ever.
Sensei Curran,
I remember reading about that fight, yes...

I make no claims to have any informed opinion on judo, having never studied it...
I am aware of the story of how Kenshiro Abbe came to study aikido, so i knew he must have been quite good at judo.
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