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Re: aikido Vs Daito Ryu Aikijutsu

Larry Camejo wrote: View Post
I believe this was said in one of his books - "Modern Bujutsu & Budo Volume III: Martial Arts And Ways Of Japan".

Anyone with a copy can verify this, I can't find mine. Imho Draeger had a very distinct separation between Do and Jutsu arts which I don't think was shared by many Japanese practitioners who often used the terms interchangeably.

Thanks for that info!

I realise that Draeger made the distinction between Do and Jutsu plain.

It is interesting to me though that while apparently making such a statement, he would appplaud Higoanna Morio as quite combative indeed- a little anomalous it seems (in the context of Do VS Jutsu as an indicator of combative usefulness). He certainly seems to have been a complex character...

The IHS has some interesting reading on similar topics.
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