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Re: aikido Vs ju jitsu

Joe Bloggs wrote: View Post

to summarise, i just want to know which of these 2 arts r better to defend myself against most attackers? and which art is faster to learn so that one can apply his knowledge if needed. i know each art has it goods and bads.

any comments will be much appreciated!
Hi Joe,

Short answer to your question is neither - bottom line is that none of the martial arts taught are really designed to teach someone how to fight in a real combative type of situation. They are simply physical manifestations of concepts and principles that need to be applied when a true physical confrontation happens.

Learn the principles and concepts and the techniques will naturally come out as required for a particular confrontation.

I don't mean to burst your bubble, but that is the reality of the issue. If you are just looking to defend yourself, I can teach you about three principles and five techniques that you could master in about a month that would put you at about a 99% advantage over anyone that will ever attack you on the street.

Good luck in you endeavors


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