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Re: aikido Vs ju jitsu

BJJ is great and gives you a lot of mat time and because of that they dispense with most of the other aspects of the art.

It doesn't make them invincible. I can't remember the name, but Helio, one of the bigger names in BJJ lost to an official match against Kimura a traditional Japanese Jujitsu player. That of course doesn't automatically make Trad. Jujitsu better, it just means the better man won that day. It could easily have gone either way.
Those days however, even with fights that had rules, the fighter's were willing to die on the mat. Helio's arm was broken by Kimura but never gave up, so it was considered a TKO instead.

Royce was also famous in BJJ being the son of helio. He lost to little known Eddie Bravo in a no gi fight. Eddie and his teacher practically invented 'bjj' without gi. Although the Gracies too sometimes practise without gi and their family frequently took part in no rules matches, somehow they too still stuck on to traditional gi wearing in their training. Eddie specialised and thus he had a clear advantage in the fight. If it was a gi match, I suspect Royce would have taken the match quite easily. So in this case, it was the situation that gave Eddie the upperhand. Again, this was 'then'. People learn. On a side note, Hughes defeated Royce in UFC much much later too. That makes it very interesting, because Roosevelt once wrote in a letter that he thinks for all the techniques and skill a japanese had with jujitsu, he believed the stronger american wrestler if trained in jujistu will definitely come out on top. His rationale being that americans are bigger and stronger. Coupled with the same skills, they should definitely come out on top.

In anycase, you can see where this is going. Encounters are seldom the same for everyone. Sometimes it will be advantageous to you, mostimes it won't. All arts have their lessons, and if you do learn it, it will make you a better man. Some may choose not to learn it and focus on the fighting instead. Some people don't take up the gun to keep the peace. They think a gun is for shooting people. Just think about that.

Lastly. I've mentioned earlier that it seems if all skills are at par, Roosevelt believed that the stronger man will win in a jujitsu fight. Aikido seeks to disabuse this. In creating Aikido, Osensei seek a way to bypass strength, speed and technique. He talked about harmony and being one with the universe. He talks about anyone attacking him, is actually in disharmony with the universe and thus have already lost. Since most of us have not yet reach this point of harmony, we tend to think this is whimsical thinking and that the old man was mad. Certainly a lot of his direct students seem to make light of his teachings.

They didn't know how he did the things he did, but they sure did not believe him when he told them about the secret to aikido. So decades down the road, here we are talking about the same old thing.

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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