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Re: Proficiency and Aikido

Thank you as well, Bateman Sensei, for being an invaluable voice of conscience for all things Aiki, and for the greater Aikido community.

I agree that much work remains to be done, not necessarily to correct any mistakes of the past, but to remain focused, as a collective identity, towards exposing more and more of the Founder's vision and understanding of the benefits of Aiki research, and of his Aikido, to current and future generations of faithful students.

When two warriors have their hands clasped in mutual respect and in friendship, they are not able to reach for their weapons. By maintaining this connection, they best exemplify the spirit of Aiki, and the true intent of traditional Budo.

It is only when this connection is broken, do the ramifications of distrust, misunderstandings, ignorance, twisted egos, and the desire for short sighted gains result in violence and conflict.

As long as we resolve to maintain our connections with one another via the Founder's teachings and example, we may continue to enjoy discovering what treasures and benefits emanate from working together, regardless of affiliations, identities and "styles".

This is my dream, and this is why I roll.
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