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So after 40 years training by thousands of people, no one ever obtained the power he claimed to maintain by doing those spiritual rituals?
Those spiritual rituals are based on what? And if no one could achieve the same results by doing them, will the rituals ever work?
Not thousands.

Supposedly from the Aikikai estimates, 1.2 million people are practicing aikido worldwide. That probably doesn't include non Aikikai related schools.


And then toss in all those people who are pure misogo-no-gyo or pure oomoto kyo or pure meditation and you still have no one who has achieved Ueshiba's abilities.

How many of the millions who have mimicked the outward physical techniques of Ueshiba ... for 40 + years ... have replicated Ueshiba's abilities?

How many spiritual only people have practiced misogi exercises have replicated Ueshiba's abilities?

How many Oomoto kyo people who don't practice techniques have replicated Ueshiba's abilities?

How many Oomoto kyo people who do practice techniques have replicated Ueshiba's abilities?

Tomiki and Shioda are talked about having replicated some of Ueshiba's abilities. Horikawa Kodo is talked about having replicated Ueshiba's feats and abilities. Sagawa, too. Any one of those people could have added any kind of spiritual component to their martial and created a system similar to Ueshiba's vision of aikido. Or maybe people think Ueshiba saying that you didn't have to follow his footsteps meant something else?

Ueshiba's vision included a spiritual aspect. To follow his vision, you have to have the martial and spiritual, but I don't think you *have* to do misogi or Oomoto kyo exercises specifically. If you do, that's great. If that's all you do and think you'll become another Ueshiba, then, IMO, you're fooling yourself.

And after looking out at 1.2 + million aikido people practicing techniques day after day, year after year, decade after decade ... and not replicating Ueshiba's abilities ... when do you think it is time to ask ... WHY?

Regarding Insanity, Albert Einstein wrote:
doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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