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Re: Funakogi Undo


Yes - we practice it.

With reference to the 2nd part I've heard this refered to as 'Stirring the ki' with the hands replicating the awakening of the seika tanden/ life forces.

I've been told that this continuous movement relates to life force of ki...and a lack of movement means you are dead. So in Aikido you look to always move, always be vibrant and of course always be alive.

Less wierd and spiritual is the fact that it puts the hand into the centre of the body just like the completion of bokken a more practical association with centre.

Personally I feel I get more from the thrusting of the body forward to generate power and also from the corresponding withdrawal to take ukes centre away but I also suspect its one of those exercises which allow you to take more from it as your Aiki knowledge grows.

Enjoy it. If nothing else the hey hooo stuff creates a great pre-practice vibe and allows the instuctor to see the extroverts and the introverts expose themselves.

On the idea of expose onself...never let anyone video the class from behind during the hand shaking looks a bit ....odd.



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