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Funakogi Undo

I have a question about Funakogi Undo.

Yesterday, we did this rowing exercise in our warming up.

With making the sounds "hee hoo" (repeated infinitely), like in this Second 8 to second 10 in this video:

Anyway, afterwards, we did some weird spiritual thing: spreading arms going up and folding hands above your head. Letting hands go down bofore your center and make a cocoon with the hands. Close the eyes and shake the cocoon-hands softly.
After doing that for a half minute, making circular motions with that cocoon, around your body at the level of your center, like it's floating on water.

Because it was realy silent in the dojo doing that exercise and everyone was very concentrated doing it, I didn't want to interrupt the sensei asking for the meaning of that exercise.

The rowing exercise itself I understand.
Certainly after watching this useful explaination: =PL&index=21.
But the 2nd part of that exercise with the folding hands shaking before the center... I still question the meaning of that one.
I can't even find a video of that to show more in depth what it's like.

Do other dojo's practice that same exercise aswel? Or is it only done at my dojo? Because I searched for Funakogi Undo on the web but I couldn't find that second part. Could anyone explain some more about it?


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