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Re: getting harder


oh, how I know this plateau issue. I think I pass half of a year on such plateaus, and sometimes I doubt that the level of the plateaus increases or if I always fall back to the same low level.

Currently I have the feeling I just emerge from such a plateau, and it is just now that I will have to travel a lot so cannot really benefit of this deliverance.

What happens when being on a plateau?
- I am horribly awkward and completely at a loss when new techniques are to be done
- The techniques I do already badly when being in good shape (like yokomen uchi tenchi nage) go completely astray.
- I stop every dynamic technique
- Techniques I normally do well (all grab-and twist techniques) work less because I am in the wrong position, forget tenkan & tai sabaki, bend my arm, don't step out of the line or do anything else to find myself in the wrong distance.

Very reassuring to read that this will continue throughout the entire aikido carreer!!!

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