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Re: Bujin Help Please :O)

Hey Ashley - I am hoping they have another black one, but no biggie if they don't. I had already also ordered a black cotton one, and a black twill (?) one. I figure (should I ever eventually make it to Shodan, oh, some time in my mid-50s), that I could use the blue one for everyday training, beat the heck out of it, and keep the black ones for special occasions, seminars, etc. So (I hope - crossing my fingers that they have them) I'll have a black cotton one for daily use, and the twill one to keep decent looking.

By the way, I ordered some DVDs and a book just minutes after they posted on Facebook that those were available today, and I've already received shipping confirmation.

The Book of Five Rings
Remembering Terry Dobson (DVD)
Irimi, Za, Buki, Koshi (Set of 4 DVDs)

I'm pretty much set for life now. :-) No more shopping. Really. LOL

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