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Re: Being your own teacher

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
Fair statement, but...
You can gain insight on your own. Revelations or inspirations.
... I however stand by my earlier remarks. A teacher as a guide is necessary. But learning is your own responsibility.
Hi Ahmad, I think we're pretty much saying the same thing. But I don't necessarily agree that a teaching guide is always required. One can still achieve some level of practical proficiency thru self-paced and other learning methods, e.g. discovery, example, analysis, debate, synthesis, reflection, intuition and application.

If you're interested in the subject, there's a swathe of reading material in the field of systems thinking and knowledge management related to the subject of cognitive and applied learning - e.g. Ackoff, Kolb, Fitts and Posner etc. Certainly too much to get into in a medium designed for a largely different use.

And in answer to Phi, suffice to say, we are ultimately responsible for our own education - in the broadest sense of the word. To mangle a quote, learn all you can learn, be all you can be, share what you know.

"Teachers" are like Buddhas... you know what to do if you see them on the road...

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