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is it just me being useless.... or is this a common thing
so you are expecting to be less useless, right? that's the problem, right there! i, on the other hand, whichever the other hand that's not the other hand, have not experienced such thing. every time i show up at practice, i told myself that i am useless, that way i start at the bottom, thus, no longer need to look down, but up and work my way up. most folks believe that they are useful which when confronted with the possibility of being useless would crumple their fragile ego, which results in quitting, giving up, years of aiki therapy (which involves joining the local bjj and talking smack about aikido), and so on.

so here is the short answer: you are useless (just like me) and will be until the day you are no longer walking among the livings (zombies are pretty useful bunch).
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