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Re: Escalating

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I'd rather figure out how to control myself when people piss me off.
I surely understand what you're talking about.
After working several years in a few client services with lots of complaints, I can say that even verbal (for example by phone), it's not just that easy to control yourself when people are insulting you, discussing, argueing, doing difficult,...
For a few conversations it works to stay calm, but take several same idiot conversations after each other and you're getting mad too after a while.
We all know that the trick is to just stay calm. Being able doing that is quite easy, but being able doing that all the time isn't easy.
Also, if the other person challenges you and tries to make you angry, it's tempting to do the same, go with his direction and get upset aswel. It's tempting to make your point clear instead of just nodding 'yes you are right' if he isn't.

It's more easy to get involved in the discussion than ignoring it.

I'm trying breathing methods to stay my mind clean and calm at the moment. Let the bad things flow over your head and stay positive. Hard task sometimes.
"Hard" training is very different from "violent" training.
I'd say: throwing hard - good!! being malicious - not good.
Uhu, you have to stay assertive.

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