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I feel that a person getting ready for shodan should take it upon themselves to get in shape in and outside of the dojo.
I actually agree with this one and have always done so myself. Aikido alone has never been enough for me or really even close. I personally advocate cardiovascular training (running/biking in my case) and weightlifting.

I believe that there should be no favorites in the dojo as there will be none in the street and in life.To quote Steven Seagal Sensei:The world doesnt change for any one whether you are a baby or an old person. Any one have any comments on this please reply?
The thing is, I know how to fight. We all do. Some of us take to it more naturally than others but we know how to fight. It's instinctual on some level and takes many forms, not all of them physical. I'm willing to bet that just about anyone can be given a competent level of physical fighting skill in a matter of months. That's easy.

The trick is getting people to live in harmony, more accurately, getting ourselves to live in harmony with ourselves. That's the practice, in my opinion, and it takes a hell of a lot more work than breaking someone's neck in a fight. Plus, it's a much bigger problem in my life than someone pointing a gun at me so if I'm going to spend time doing something I know where I want to spend it.

I appreciate your post. It clarified some things for me.
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