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Re: Being your own teacher

It is true that at some point in your self quest, you must learn to trust unconditionally in the teacher within, above all others. This may be called your integrity of purpose.

All other teachers can never be more than your assistant instructors, however accomplished they may be.

Nonetheless, choose them well, and exchange them without hesitation whenever you realize that your needs are changing..

Even as you give yourself the best you can afford, it remains your responsibility to incorporate all such gifts into your commitment to become the best you can possibly be. The best of food, rest, source of income and education at all levels are your choices to make, not every so often, but for the rest of your life.

I have found this unconditional commitment and self realization to be true of all the great artists and human adepts I have studied, especially the Founder of Aikido.

Best wishes for an astounding journey!
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