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Susan Dalton
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Re: Letting Go

Thank you for your kind comments, Sensei. And yes, thank you to Jun for all the work he does to provide the aikido community with Aikiweb.

"Your insights are most interesting, and definitely different from my thinking on certain subjects." I would really like to hear where those differences are, and talk about them with you.

"Please do not be too hard on yourself, as shidoo geiko means training by teaching." Thank you for those words, too. I am not trying to be hard on myself, but I have to admit that in this situation I had some failings. Failings are opportunities to improve, right? Sometimes I have to learn the same lesson again and again, and sometimes I figure out what needs to change the first time it happens. Even after nine years, running a dojo is something I am growing into, and luckily, we have a wonderful team of people making decisions, not just me. When I first was asked to take the dojo, I had the ideal that we could make everyone happy. But of course, like keeping one's posture during a technique, one must be what one is and some people will stay and some will leave.

"A wise person once told me that "'you pick out the kind of person you want to be, and then you try your best to be that person.'" What a lovely quote. Yes, that's it exactly.

Thank you again for your thoughts,
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