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Re: intimidation

Hi Folks.

I'd just like to start off by saying I am a 17 yr old male living in West Scotland (murder capital, yet the friendliest city in Europe, past me :P) and I look like a tall, beefy guy with one of those faces that people seem to dislike ( bare with me here folks I am going somewhere with this:P ).

I am one for the intellectual approach to things with some logic thrown in there for good measure but growing up in today's society in the 'playstation generation' intellectualism has no place when dealing with Brutes and quite frankly, societies parasites.

Through my personal experiences, when feeling intimidated, be intimidating. Don't let your self be intimidated. Combative psychology Hints on this I believe. Dont think about how someone is going to hurt you but how your going to slam him into the ground. This is now the Aikido way i know and i do feel guilty writing what i am but this is what i believe. I also believe that if someone is adamant about hurting you, Iwama Ryu Aikido which i practice is not practical. The morals and beliefs it instills in you however is something i believe that all of society could use.
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