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Re: Sword tip movement

Silly me was watching the bokken tip the other day and that danged thing was all over the place (never really paid much attention to it before). The harder I tried to not wobble or to 'fix' it the worse it got.

So, I says to myself, fan all this BS, and just swung with the intent to cut through the target and what do you know straight and sweet as can be!

Now I'm no sword jockey by any stretch of the imagination but I've found in a great many cases that worrying about some little detail one tends to miss the bigger picture. Getting a feel for the whole movement and developing that 'flavor' in action without thinking about pinky here, toe there always results in a 'nicer' movement than not. None of this happens by any other means than lots of practice under the watchful eye of a master and when it is 'go' time then just 'go'.

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