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Re: Sword tip movement

Steve Nelson wrote: View Post
In my dojo, we often practice Aikido techniques while holding a sword. ... For example, put a sword in your hand while doing Shihonage. If you let your hip drop back a tiny bit more, at the end of the technique, enough to straighten your elbow pointing your center at Uke, not only does the sword cut off uke's head but shihonage suddenly requires no force on the wrist or shoulder to drop uke. Try it sometime, it's eye opening.
That is one of our rote comments to students having a problem" What would you be doing if you were holding a sword while doing that?" Fixes shomenuchi ikkyo marvelously, too. "If his arm you just laid hands on were an O dachi with the blade extending out behind him past his head, how would cut his head off with his own arm?" Fixes it right up..

Steve Nelson wrote: View Post
I spent 15 years cutting air with a bokken before I attempted to slice a Tameshigiri mat with a live blade.
Good heavens! What did the air ever do to you ?

Steve Nelson wrote: View Post
I had to break all sorts of habits to actually cut it cleanly.I think Aikido requires the uke/nage relationship, otherwise you're just picking fights with yourself.
Concur. I spent it doing kumitachi and solo work that was basically shadowboxing kumitachi and variations, always cutting a cut. Swords properly operate in pairs -- like shears -- and work EXACTLY that way, too, even solo -- because the cutting or shearing point should always be moving continuously out to the end of the blade.


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