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Jon Marshall
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Re: Crosstraining Aikidoka: A Survey

1. 13 years aikido.

2. Hsing-I Chuan

3. Couple of months (previous intermittent dabbles in other arts)

4. Aikido once a week, twice if I'm lucky. Hsing-I once a week. Plus solo practice, which is currently Hsing-I dominated .

5. Primarily to compliment my aikido. Specifically, to give teeth to my aikido so that the potential choice of whether to use more or less destructive techniques is just that - a genuine choice. Of course, I could also fall in love with Hsing-I in its own right - early days.

6. Hsing-I strikes seem, to me, to be more compatible with aikido movement than those of other styles I've looked at. As a Chinese internal art, there's lots of standing practice, which I'm a fan of.

7. Having dipped in and out of tai chi, where I felt there were some stylistic contradictions with aikido, I'm delighted to discover that Hsing-I (so far) seems very compatible indeed.

Still gotta learn more grappling, though.

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