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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

[quote=Peter A Goldsbury;167741]Hello Ellis,

Everything went well, but Arikawa Sensei, like Yamaguchi Sensei before him, never used students as ukes. On his first visit he brought his own uke, a man named Niall. (I think this is the person you mean, Charles.)

Hi Sensei Goldsbury, Niall would have been - Niall Matthes, he trained for many years in Japan, and was a close friend of my Sensei Billy McAuley (Aikikai 3rd Dan).
Niall took shodan to Yondan under Aso Sensei and his 5th Dan under Arikawa Sensei.
I beleive Niall is back in Europe, unfortunately he no longer teaches traditional Aikido.
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