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Peter Chenier
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Re: Crosstraining Aikidoka: A Survey

1) How long have you been practicing Aikido?

Three years

2) What is/are the name(s) of the other art(s) you are currently practicing?

Carlson Gracie BBJ just started

3) How long have you been practicing the other art(s) concurrent with your training in Aikido?

1 week :0)

4) What ratio of time do you devote to each art (ie. how many days a week are spent practicing Aikido, how many days in the other art(s)?)

3 Aikido 1 BBJ

5) Is the focus/goal of your cross training:
a) to complement your practice of Aikido
b) to broaden your knowledge/overall skill as a martial artist in general
c) other (if so, what?)

None of the above its to challenge myself

6) If you believe that the current art(s) you are cross training in is/are benefiting or complementing your practice of Aikido, could you please describe how?

On the first class in BBJ I learned when to use kokunage..I did not do it to my uke..after all it was a BBJ class not an Aikido class. I also learned that Aikidoka are nearly impossible to clinch with :0)

7) Can you think of any ways that your current cross training may actually be detrimental to your practice of Aikido and if so, please describe how.

Nope none at all..I also practiced karate for over 16 years..If I put it all together what have I learned?? Only that I need to learn allot more!!


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