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Henry Javier
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Anne Marie and UnReg, Greetings for both.

I think it's important to clear out a point before keeping misunderstanding each other. In Venezuela, old times, there was a male culture (macho man, remember). Since I know, more or less 15 or 20 years, the role of our women has became increasing, so at almost all the comuinities we have similar roles. I think this has meant progress to us. Actually we threat women as they deserve, and I think that like any other person, they develope any skill or attitude with the only limit they can put to themselves. We don't pratice that machism any more, may be in a minnor amount at very low educational levels but the most of our men don't do it, we don't discriminate anybody because this is a free country. The lady I mentioned in my post is an special case, we do have female Yudanshas with a very high level, and we all are proud of them, so I dont't think this is a contest to know who's better, men or women, we like practicing Aikido in the Master Ueshiba essence, and I think that's the Aikido we all are searching for.

Please keep training, and together we'll be stronger.
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