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Re: Sword tip movement

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Anyway, it strikes me as funny that going slow with the bokken is easier, yet going slow with Aikido is harder. Maybe harder is the wrong word, maybe frustrating is a more appropriate word.
But doing a very short piece of an aikido waza slowly would probably be really great practice, and would be similar to how bokken suburi is easier to work on slowly.

Steve Nelson wrote: View Post
What do you think? Does improving bokken cuts actually translate to improving Aikido techniques? Or is Aikiken just a matter of losing yourself in the motion? Letting go of world through the movements.
I believe in a direct benefit to techniques. I think the suburi can let you practice getting your body "right," and that is something you can put into any waza. It's the same as taiso, like the rowing exercise. The bokken gives you nice tactile and visual feedback though, that the aikitaiso lack.
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