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Re: Crosstraining Aikidoka: A Survey

1) Two years. Plus a stint when I was a youngster.

2) Iaido & Kyudo.

3) About six months Iaido, one month Kyudo.

4) Two - four days a week Aikido. One day a week Iaido. Kyudo once every other week.

5) All of the above. I find Iai to be complimentary to my Aikido, but I train in it mainly for itself.

6) The posture and cutting requirements of Iaido (along with moving with/from your centre) help most aspects of Aikido for me. I'm also working on getting some kind of zanshin down in Aikido (but failing!).

7) I've been told that I'm doing 'Iaido' cuts when using a bokken, instead of what is supposed to be done (too much intention to slice uke in two, I suppose...). Otherwise there's been very little detriment. I haven't done enough Kyudo to make any informed opinions regarding its effect.

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