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Diane Stevenson
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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

You check the "you might be an Aikido addict if" thread first thing after a long absence from the forums.

Your new non-MA facebook contacts constantly ask, "what the heck is a dojo?'

One friend get so tired of your poorly spelled mat-japanese, that he threatens Japanese language lessons.

You seriously consider his offer.

Having good enough conditioning/ukemi to put a sweat on your sempai leaves you with a happy/shiny feeling for days.

You keep a roll of athletic tape in your purse just in case.

You have a dedicated spot in your freezer for re-usable ice packs.

Your teenage children -- and their friends-- all raise their hands and slowly back away when you say, "here, grab my wrist!"

Your best chat time with your youngest child is in the car on the way to and from the dojo.

You bring your bokken and jo to the fitness club because the basketball court has really high ceilings and it's way too hot/cold/rainy to practice outside.

...not as evil as I could be
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