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Re: Sword tip movement

Sorry for the slow response, I'm not caught up on all the discussion but before I hit the sack I thought I'd respond to Jonathan...

Definitely closer to A. I'm far more interested in the bokken as a tool to improve my Aikido. I've played around a tiny bit with both Iaido and Kendo, but for better or worse, Aikido is what I love to practice.

So this wobble concerns me, not because my sword cuts look sloppy, but because it's amplifying a problem in my movement. Which, I assume, is likely causing problems in various Aikido techniques.

Again, like I said early on. I'm not expecting to find the answer to this over the net. I'm sure Baker Sensei will get me back on the right track in the next week or so. I just felt like chatting about it as it was something on my mind.
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