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Re: Bujin Help Please :O)

The yudansha in my dojo all have indigo hakama from California S&P and I think my sensei might have an indigo one from Japan. I just ordered a navy one from bujin, which I am assuming is not indigo because of the price.

Mary, I wish I had a nice front load washer and dryer. Until we can move into a house, we have to make due with what our townhouse has. If you ever see a stranger in your house doing laundry... it may just be me.

As an aside, the people in my dojo who have the cotton indigo hakamas have no pleats. They are still nice looking, but the pleats have dissapeared long ago. They just hang it up on a hook until the next class. I was debating about getting the twill just for ease of care, but I really wanted a cotton one. I am up for the challenge. I just don't want it to shrink. Is washing it in a tub going to have less shrinking then dry cleaning? I wish Bujin would just answer their phone or e-mail me back. Or, I could have been smart and put it in the directions, but their site used to be so much better about telling you what they needed to know, as opposed to how little info they have now.

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