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Re: Sword tip movement

Well, ok, let's see if the thread is dead.
(this is a bit like the spirituality thread where no one can talk b/c everyone means something different by "spirituality".. we all have different goals with suburi so can we even converse?)

Steve, regarding your original question, which one of these fits most closely to what you meant?

A. You hold the bokken in front of you. You raise it up, then bring it down, hopefully with a little speed and power, in an arc. You meant the bokken to swing down in a vertical plane, but it sways a little to the side inadvertantly, and you don't know why it is happening, and want to move in a way that makes it go down in a nicer plane.

B. You hold a bokken in front, pretending it is a sword. You imagine an opponent about your height and skill level in front of you. You both have proper ma-ai. You see an opening. You try to prevent any telegraphing of your motion, and seek to both raise without presenting an opening and close distance at the same time, while you begin your downward cut. You try to get power without too much windup. You are pretending you have a helmet, so you keep the sword a bit away from you. You move into shikaku ever so slightly as you extend the sword at just the right height to slice into some vulnerable spot on your opponent's head, as you smoothly rotate your body to avoid his attack. As you slice (not chop), your arms and hands connect the sword to your body firmly but with suppleness as you receive the force of your blow, without compromising your control of the sword. The job now done, just as you are about to move to fling your former opponent's blood from your blade, you note to yourself that although most of the above worked fine (hence you didn't mention it in your post), your "blade" did in fact move a bit to the side instead of in your intended direction.

Ohhhh please forgive me everyone it's been a long couple of weeks. Anyway Steve if I read you right it was closer to case A, and we could in theory talk specifically and simply about your body motion as related to the not-as-straight-as-intended bokken arc-plane.
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