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Re: Sword tip movement

Keith, I agree with your sentiment, so you are preaching to the choir. But I feel like we have a chance to talk about something simple and specific here, and we stopped doing it several posts back.
Distillation, by post number:
1. My "straight" cut goes to the side, any help?
2-10. Do this, do that, it'll be straighter.
11 and up. This isn't good sword work, most aikidoists couldn't even cut the air, much less an actual person. Slicing isn't bashing. Heads are head-height.

I know Steve made the barf comment. I see where this is going, it may just be the natural progression of the thread, so I can be quiet from now on. But I would love to hear any more comments on making the sword stop wobbling or straying to the side.
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