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Re: "Aikido instructor shared skills with soldiers, Steven Seagal"

Charles Hill wrote: View Post which I would add, " and we would still never be certain what really went on."
That sounds like a great way to get out of jail.

So if someone was 12 when they entered the founder's dojo in 1949, can we really be certain that they were 13 in 1950? Or adult a few years later? What hours do farmers work (i.e.: did they work in the dark)? Did any of the deshi have other jobs? All these questions can be answered beyond a reasonable doubt. Your case on the other hand requires us to take a whole raft of things on trust in your opinion.

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
As you likely are very aware of, the Hombu vs. Iwama attitude was and still is very strong. I believe that Chiba Sensei was playing into that.
There was a "vs. Attitude" between the hombu and a children's class? One of the many testimonies you are contrasting is that of Nidai Doshu, who described the building of a dojo of about 30 tsubo as local people were drawn to come and train.
Charles Hill wrote: View Post
As an example of the locals' attitude, there is an interview with Saito Sensei and how he first encountered O'Sensei. He says something like hearing about this strange old man. Everything thing else I have heard as well as applying my own experience jives with this.
If this is the article you mean, it is Osensei's techniques that are described as strange, not the founder
Saito Morihiro Sensei wrote:
But there was this old man doing strange techniques up on the mountain near Iwama. Some people said he did Karate and a Judo sensei told me it was called "Ueshiba-ryu Judo."
It might be better to separate this line of discussion into a thread of its own if you wish to continue.
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