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Re: Sword tip movement

Oh no, we are talking about real sword use compared to aikiken again!! (It's just "Aikiken vs reality" rephrased!)

I think that is an important topic, and based on what is in this thread, I think most of us agree about aikiken not necessarily being great swordsmanship.

But I really think the topic of THIS thread is valuable! I really would like this particular topic (can you make the sword move in a plane or is that impossible in aikiken) to be discussed because it is of great interest to me. Thanks for bringing it up, Steve.

Steve Nelson wrote: View Post
Could it be that Aiki-ken practice is just not precise enough to produce a clean cut?
I say, "NO!"
I don't do "real" swordsmanship.. I may fail Kieth's tests-- I'll work it out at home tonight.. But I can make the sword go straight.

And I used to have a non-straight cut, especially when stepping backwards while cutting. (It used to wobble at the end) And I posted my take on how I improved. So, I don't know if my cut is "clean" but it is straight and dependable, unlike before. So I feel there is some value in this question, even outside of the context of cutting an armed opponent with a live blade.
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