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Re: Sword tip movement

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How many of you Iaidoists (Iaidoka? not sure the name) watch us Aikidoka swing swords and want to barf?
hahahah. all practice has its purpose.

but here's an intersting quote from ellis amdur's post on kuroiwa sensei's passing.
Kuroiwa sensei: I did go to one of the all-shihan meetings recently. Nidai Doshu asked if anyone had any more questions, and I said, "We should stop doing tachi-dori and jo-dori in public demos. There are lots of real swordsmen in the audience, people who've really trained with swords, and they know that we can't really do such techniques. We are making fools of ourselves." There was dead silence in the room. Finally Doshu changed the subject. Later, Saito-sensei came up to me. I thought he'd be angry, but he slapped me on the back and said, ‘Yoku itte kureta.'("Thanks for saying what needed to be said"). Well, maybe it needed to be said but nothing's changed, has it?

practice hard
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