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Okay, UnReg I did miss that, but your comment did bring the thought to mind that I remember hearing in my dojo that Venezuela (I believe- could be totally wrong) doesn't have female yudansha. That doesn't necessarily imply a good or bad thing. I would like to know the answer though and to be correct if I was wrong.

Pretorian and others, it's good to know that your sensei provides a good and safe training environment for your female aikido practitioners.

As far as wanting to train with someone your same size and ability so you can train hard, I can understand that. However, I believe a female, who has good and strong aikido skills, can fair very well against a stronger person. I'm thinking specifically of one female, sandan and originally from Peru. She is small and petite and has very power aikido because she knows how to take advantage of her size.

Women in the United States do not "rule". I think you mean that we are actually superior to our men. That is not the case from my experience. Women here seek equal treatment and don't always want their lives to be relegated to home life. However, I am also willing to work hard and support and raise a family. Most women want a choice as to the kind of life they choose. And the word "choice" is the key. Some will choose to be a mother and live a tradition life and being a mother is a wonderful thing. Others will choose just to have a career because they have no interest in raising a family. Most, will want to share the making of the income with their husbands, and share the raising and nurturing of children together. Neither one above the other, neither superior to the other.

But to bring this back to aikido, women can hold their own very well in a dojo. Out of 88 in my dojo there are about 16 of us. Most of women in the dojo are yudansha. We have several female shodans, a few nidans, a couple sandans and one godan. All these women would be insulted if they were called "flowers", "gossip mongers", and "weak". Aikido is a great equalizer. That is why I love it so much.

Anne Marie Giri
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