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Re: "Aikido instructor shared skills with soldiers, Steven Seagal"

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
One thing I have learned about Aikido history, the way people say it was and the way it was are often very different.
Charles, what kind of evidence do you have to support your own version? Ideas of Osensei only teaching kids in Iwama and locals giving him the kiss of death seem kind of arbitrary and fly in the face of so many respected testimonies, not least of which is Chiba Shihan's:
A large portion of the membership at Iwama Dojo consisted of local farmers, hard workers who spent all day in the field. They had thick bones and great physical strength combined with a peculiar local character known as "mito kishitsu", a type of manliness close to gallantry. Altogether it was quite an opposite culture from Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. Because it is in the capital of Japan, Hombu's membership consists of white-collar workers, intellectuals, businessmen, politicians and university students
Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Of course, unless we have a time machine, there is no way to know exactly what happened.
Claims can be cross-referenced, chronology can be checked and logic can be applied.
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