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Re: Internal (Hunyuan) Strength from a Yi Chuan Perspective

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
this is very similar to a discussion that my Sifu gives about I, Chi, Liq.

as Mike already pointed out pretty much all the MA share common principles (after all the human body is the human body), and many arts share common philosophy (like zen), but often times it's the concepts, which bridge the two that make the differences between arts.
Ashe, that interview was pretty mangled, too, and maybe you shouldn't have been so polite in your suggested correction because you were absolutely correct. What Sam Chin was obviously trying to say was pretty much that classical comment that Cheuk Fung made and which I just superficially translated (I can translate it in more depth, if need be). In other words, your use of the word "follow" is accurate. "Way" simply misleads people. By being overly polite, you are "polite" but at the expense of not helping your fellow students as fully as possible.

The classical saying is usually just 6 words in Chinese but it (loosely) translates as "Heart leads Mind, Mind leads Qi, Qi leads Li". It's also known as the Three Internal Harmonies (Nei San He). It's about as basic and as classical and famous as you can get. Aikido, Tai Chi, and any other Asian martial art that uses the word "ki" or "Yin-Yang" or etc., is talking about this type of intent-directed strength/force-vectors.


Mike Sigman
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