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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

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Regarding Standing Practice: One of Shioda's uchi-deshi recently published an account of his training at

"The training in this course consists of three parts starting from basic movements. The basic movements are like "Kata" in Karate which can train the physical strength of legs and groin necessary for Aikido techniques. In the basic movements you must stand with 80 percent of your body weight rested on one leg for about five minutes moving both left and right with different movements."


Ellis Amdur
Sorry to necromance but -

The fellow in the above article (I used wayback to doublecheck) appears to me Michiharu Mori Sensei - who is alive and well and teaching in Brisbane.

Has anyone trained with him? Does he employ anything like the above quoted regimen with his students?

Here's a clip of Mori Sensei in action. As you can see, he's the spitting image of Shioda, movement wise

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