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Re: "Aikido instructor shared skills with soldiers, Steven Seagal"

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
I love aikido demos.

They are all uke. . .

Which makes it funny that many of the "best" nage often have so much bravado.

But, I guess, it's all part of the show.
Agreed. But if your going to put on a "show", it is important to remember that's what it is and not start believing that you're invincible. Not saying that's the case here, but I can find that "bravado" a little much.

What I really find disturbing are some of the comments on Youtube from people who seem to have an aikido background, both from people who think the demo is brutal to those who think it shows the true martial integrity of the art. Can't they tell what they're seeing? It's a demo and not really out of the ordinary for aikido with the exception of the heights uke is falling from (an Isoyama trademark from the various demo clips I've seen of him).

Jonathan Olson
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