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Re: training troubles

Sorry this is going on. I would still continue to work with him if I were you. If he is trying to assert his dominance over you, just ignore it. He will get over it eventually or think he staked his claim in the realm of seniority. Doesn't really matter to you as you are there for yourself anyway. Right? Now, if your safety if of concern and you are being injured, you might want to say something. Ask if he can lighten up on the techniques until your ukemi gets better. Or just ask if he can go slower so you can absorb the attack or give a better attack. Even if you aren't really watching him, maybe stating that you want to watch what he is doing will be enough for him to slow down.

Each person has their own aikido. I had a simliar problem with a female who came back to the dojo. She wanted to put me in my place (keep in mind I had been there only 3 months and she was a 3rd kyu.... so there really was nothing to even put in place). Eventually she calmed down. My ukemi got better and I was able to handle her better too. There are stiff people in aikido. There are overly compliant people in aikido. There are people who depend on strength to fill in the gaps that their technique is lacking. There are people who use strength because they don't know better. There are intense people who train. There are passive people who train. There are people who are clumsy. There are people who are graceful. There are people who throw you to the mat with their whole body and you better find a way to land safely hell or high water. There are people who throw with their whole body who somehow magically make you land on the mat not remembering how you got there, but there was no impact at all.

You will be exposed to many types of aikidoka. It is up to you to learn to adapt to each of them. You may not be successful every time. I know I'm not, but I try. Aikido is a three demensional art and unfortunately I have yet to experience two aikidoka who are alike. I do my best to give a commited attack, blend with them and try to take the best ukemi that I can. Sometimes I fall behind. Sometimes its my fault and other times my partner is told to slow down because they are going too fast for what I can handle right now (especially with ura iriminage because my lower body wants to fly away instead of staying close to uke)

Anyway, I am babbling! Sorry you are going through this, but I hope you can work through it. It seems like you like the dojo and the other students. Give it time to see how it plays out. Jumping ship at the first sign of water is no good when there is someone on the ship who knows how to repair the leak.

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