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Re: training troubles

Our Aikido training does not prepare us to either avoid all challenges, nor to take on all challenges as we grow. Rather, together with proper and consistent guidance from the senior students and the instructors in the dojo, we progressively and persistently build up our conditioning, our skills, and our knowlege in dealing effectively with these challenges. We also learn to postpone certain lessons until a time we are better prepared to face them. This is not only proper caution, but correct martial thinking.

Aikido training, like with any other martial art, is not without its share of risks of pain or injury. One must be prudent in selecting a personal method of training consistent with the training style of the dojo one belongs to. Being proactive about one's safety and peace of mind is the first real lesson of martial training to begin with.

The points made by Mary Malmros are well taken and presented, and may well serve as a workable base understanding of how to achieve an equitable solution to your immediate challenges.

An honest series of conversations with your seniors, instructors, and yes, even this individual, may actually provide the answers and solutions you seek. Actual and correct training is not all physical.

Training is an ongoing phenomenon, as we each remain "works in progress" as we follow our paths of Aikido development and self discovery. We must learn how to protect ourselves as ukes, and to project ourselves as nages, maintaining a "no harm" commitment to our training, and a ":win-win" agreement when training with our partners on the mat. In a sense, training is a lot like our daily lives, whereby we are most successful by knowing how and when to "negotiate" for the best benefits and outcomes possible.

Continued good luck on your ongoing journey of beneficial and joy filled training, and for the satisfaction of constant self discovery!

In oneness,

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