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Re: training troubles

It might be helpful to try to step back and formulate a more dispassionate view of the situation, what's going on and why it is bothering you. Easier said than done, I know...but I get the sense that there may be some things unstated in your story.

Here's what you stated -- my paraphrase, so correct me if I'm wrong:

"When I train with this person, he doesn't do the techniques correctly, and so I feel that I can't get good practice with him."

Here's what you didn't state, but which I think may be there:

"When I train with this person, I'm afraid of injury. My ukemi can't keep up with the force (or maybe speed?) of his techniques."

...and here's another thing that isn't stated, but which may be there as well:

"When I train with this person, I feel like what he's really trying to do is establish dominance over me, rather than train with me. I feel challenged, and I don't feel like I can adequately respond to that challenge."

None of these is a bad or wrong way to feel -- no value judgments here. I think, though, that it would be really helpful for you to think about which of these may be true, or any other concerns that you have -- because the three statements describe three different (albeit related) problems, and I think they call for different (but again related) remedies. The "I'm not getting good training and that's frustrating" statement is a legitimate complaint, but if you proceed as if it's your only complaint, you risk not addressing some other very real and serious problems.
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